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Zhenyu lei

Hi, I'm a PhD student in Electronic Engineering at the University of Virginia. I have a broad range of interest in Computer Science, Physics, and Chemistry, while mainly researching towards Artificial Intelligence. I joined LUD lab and researched on social network analysis with deep learning (Twitter bot detection, stance detection) while I was pursuing my Bachelar degree. I am now directed by Prof. Jundong Li and become a member of the VAST lab. I have participated in several papers of top conferences and was invited as reviewers.

E-Mail: vjd5zr at virginia dot edu (previous: Fischer@stu.xjtu.edu.cn)

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BIC: Twitter Bot Detection with Text-Graph Interaction and Semantic Consistency
Zhenyu Lei*, Herun Wan*, Wenqian Zhang, Shangbin Feng, Jundong Li, Qinghua Zheng, Minnan Luo,
Proceedings of ACL 2023

We propose BIC, a Twitter Bot detection framework with text-graph Interaction and Semantic Consistency.


Apart from research, I also enjoy every part of my life. I like to sing, play badmintons, and hold a running habit. I am also interested in making new friends either from research circles or in daily life to share and record stories.

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